Visitation to our Sister Church in Chin State, Myanmar

Written by | March, 2015
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From the Field March 13, 2015

Zomi Lutheran Church of Myanmar
We had a four day seminar with over 80 people each day from Feb. 4-7. Pastor Ohlmann and I each taught half the time. Another joyful time was had in our six worship services. We taught on: Election, Philippians, Hebrews, Lenten studies, Centering all on Christ. Six of the nine pastors were at the seminars. We aim at ordinary members as well as elders and pastors. The people really appreciate the seminars from all appearances with people taking copious notes and asking questions and commenting on the learning. This is the joy of fellowship in action.

Work among the Burmese – We discussed this at some length at the executive comm. meeting. Two of the men have been trying to go to four villages out of Kalay, but with little success so far. In discussing what could be done or the method of contacting, it was said to invite a prospect to your house and in this way discuss with them the one thing needful. Colorful pictures and tracts were discussed. They say they can’t go door to door as that would be frowned on. They did discuss maybe having a three day seminar of interested persons if they can find them. The area they have been going to is 12 miles out. Another way to reach out is that we are sending to them for copy and distribution a couple Burmese Bible Story Books to be given to children.

Kuala Lumpur – There are Zomi people in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who have asked Pastor Kham about the Zomi Lutheran Church. These are maybe 50-100 people in Kham’s clan who he knows or who know him. They will fund his trip to Kuala if it comes about. Pray it does and that in that very Muslim city these Zomi can form a toehold of Lutheranism.

Khenman Dedication – Unfortunately, neither of us was able to go to this village on the Indian border for the dedication of the new church building. Pastors Kham(secretary of the synod) and Thang(president of the synod) have gone to carry it out. The travel agents Pastor Kham suggested could not get permission for us. When I was in Yangon with Pastor Edwards the first day we went to the government and a prominent travel agency to no avail. Pastor Thang went to the state capital Haka to appeal for permission, but no go. And the amount that was hinted at as a bribe was way beyond reasonable. There were at least three customs check points that we would have had to go through where bribes would also be needed. There is something to be said about that area not being the safest also. Expatriates cross the border from Kalay into Chin state but do not go that far up and overnight.