From the Field – Theological Training of Pastors – August 9, 2019

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In the CLC one of our chief goals in working in other countries is to train and help in training pastors. We have consistently worked with our sister churches in this area. Below you have a rundown on the progress in establishing and maintaining seminaries and Bible institutes for this formal training.
Nigeria – The Lutheran Bible Institute was started in 1987 with 12 students. Today there are three men enrolled.India – The Church of the Lutheran Confession of India started a seminary in 1998. This last June they graduated seventeen. The school has 51 in training. The Berea Evangelical Lutheran Church had Martin Luther Bible School for a number of years up until 2002 when a disruption happened in the church and it was closed. It was started again in 2007. This year they graduated 20 men and accepted 25 new.Tanzania – From 2003 to 2010 a seminary was in operation until a disruption happened in the church and it was closed. Now the CLC-TZ opened Wartburg Lutheran Seminary in 2018 with six students. Nepal – The Himalayan Bible Institute was started in 2016. In early 2020 they expect to graduate 21.Togo – Mt. Horeb Lutheran Bible Institute is in operation with 7 students having graduated recently its first class.Congo – In 2018 the Holy Trinity Lutheran Bible Insitute opened and has 5 students.Zambia – Seven pastors are in training and a building is planned for a site of a school. Mexico – Four men are in trainingMyanmar – In the CLCM four men are in training. 
Theological Education by ExtensionOverseas we have many situations where the men cannot leave their home, family or congregation to go to a seminary or Bible institute site. The theological training is then brought to them. Especially in the BELC in India this has been carried out with monthly meetings until the men are found to be in doctrinal agreement and have learned a lot. Then further monthly meetings are held to continue in the Word. Most recently in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam this kind of meeting has been held to lead men through the Word. The CLC will have more and more of a part in this growing effort at training men in South East Asia.

CLC Online Theological Studies
 – continue to pray for individuals in the following countries around the world who are studying God’s word through email correspondence courses as they continue to train to be faithful preachers and teachers of God’s saving word:1.    Burundi, East Africa2.    Senegal, West Africa3.    D. R. Congo, Central Africa4.    Liberia, West Africa5.    Bangladesh, South East Asia6.    Zimbabwe, Africa7.    Myanmar, South East Asia8.    Kenya, East Africa9.    Uganda, East Africa10.  CongoBrazzaville, Central Africa

We thank our God that He has given us such wonderful opportunities to work with the Word of Truth and Life with our overseas brothers.