From the Field – Great News on SE Asia – May 31, 2019

Written by | May, 2019
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At the CLC Convention in 2018 the resolution was passed to allow the Mission Board to call a third full-time foreign missionary. The way in which this would be funded was worked out. The CLC Mission Board has been working toward this goal. We know how much the Gospel is needed in this sinful world. God has given the CLC many opportunities overseas where there is not the Gospel proclamation as in the USA. Muslims, Buddhists, Animists and Communists among others oppose the the Lord Jesus Christ and His grace and mercy. Most recently with Mark Bohde’s application for membership in one of our CLC congregations a new horizon has opened up for us to serve the Lord overseas. In the past you have received updates on Bohde’s independent outreach in SE Asia. Now we may look forward to having a healthy part in that work which requires such great efforts. You can just imagine how the devil must howl at this which our Lord has worked out. And how we must praise Him who bought us with His own life on the cross. We must be doing the work while it is day.