From the Field – March 17, 2019 – Southeast Asia – Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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​Southeast Asia
When we look at where Mark Bohde is working we see a dire need of the Word of Life. He was gone for two months returning yesterday. You can contact him for his reports on the work of reaching out atcomabo [at] consolidated [dot] net  Here is cause to celebrate on St. Patrick’s day. Patrick went to Ireland and travelled the land witnessing to Christ and His love. This is what should be celebrated, not drinking and frivolities. 

  • Thailand had a population in 1995 of over 60 million. Then  the Christians numbered 1% of the population. The Buddhists number the vast majority of the people though there is also a strong Muslim presence. It is a country which has freedom for missionary work. Now the population is over 70 million with 1.2% Christian. 
  • Vietnam had a population of over 75 million twenty some years ago,  while it is now 97 million.  Here beside the Buddhists there is the communist presence with accompanying persecution. Christians number maybe 300,000 now. You can read of this persecution in ‘Voice of the Martyrs’ VOM
  • Laos had  a population of over 4.5 million in 1995, Buddhists were a majority here with only 1.5% Christians. Communist persecution exists here also. Now the population is a little over 7 million with a little over 2 % Christian (150,000). A great breakthrough was made here in getting approval to do outreach. 

Let us rejoice for Mark’s safe return and by all means get ahold of his reports. We pray the CLC might one day have a part in working in SE Asia again.