From the Field – Vorwaerts! – September 11, 2019

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In the USA we are commemorating our suffering and sacrifices in the disastrous attacks of 2001 when 2996 were killed and over 6000 injured. Our country did not go backwards but forward from that disaster. The terrorist attacks are an indication of how wicked this world is and how in need it is of God’s love in Christ Jesus. All four of the Gospels end with the idea of ‘forward’ movement with the Word of life. Make disciples of all nations; Go into all the world and preach the Gospel; Repentance and forgiveness of sins should be preached in His name to all nations;  Peace be with you, As the Father has sent me, even so I send you. In German the word Vorwaerts means forward. This is what we in our church body seek to do, to go forward with the Word of Life to any and all. Below you have the timeline which indicates increasing efforts. And there are no names mentioned. It is His Work and we are His unworthy servants. To God alone belongs the glory.

–1960 – When the CLC began, we found ourselves with a mission in Japan. Though in 1974 they withdrew from us, we would be delighted to again work in Japan. 

–1974 – In Nigeria we found our first mission in Africa, which has expanded substantially in the dark continent. We bring the Light of Christ.

–1983 – We began to work in India with what came to be called the Church of the Lutheran Confession of India. It began in Andhra Pradesh State and expands

.–1984 – Hard on the heels of work in AP state we began then to work in Tamil Nadu State. Even though after some time the original leader withdrew from us we continue with an ever growing fellowship of brethren in the Berea Evangelical Lutheran Church.

 –1998 – After the disastrous civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo we began to work. After some years the original leader withdrew from us. This did not deter those still in fellowship from expanding the work even over the border into Zambia.

–1999 – This year saw us begin work in northern Thailand. This lasted until 2005. And now we anticipate a resumption of outreach there.

 –2000 – This was a very eventful year seeing us begin work in Ghana. Though that has declined, we see the initial work in Kenya and Tanzania that started that same year continue with a forward thrust. Even with outreach from Tanzania going south into Zambia. An original leader in Tanzania withdrew from us. But for any who leave the Lord sends many more. It is His church.

–2001 – Togo work began and has since expanded both within the country as well as reaching out to Benin.

–2007 – Nepal work began this year and has continued to expand from its nucleus.

–2008 – Myanmar work began in the Yangon area as well as in Chin State.

 –2009 – While earlier there had been outreach attempts from Kenya to Uganda, it was in this year that the effort became full-fledged. 

–2010 – This year we recognized not only the two efforts from different directions into Zambia, but also outreach into Malawi.

–2012 – This year saw work in Mexico, which continues in two areas. 

–2015 – Visits began to Liberia which became a full mission effort. And from Liberia there is outreach to Guinea. 

–2019 – Poised now as we are this year we recognize that ground work has already been done for us to enter Laos and Vietnam, as well as to re-enter Thailand. 

There is of course more going on in contacts, which the Lord only knows will lead to more forward movement with His precious Word to souls so in need. So Vorwaets! is not just a word but a call to action under the leadership of our Master, the Christ.