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Our  India missionary’s visa was revoked. The RSS and other Hindu organizations promote India only for the Hindus(Hindutva). We still see how the work will go forward. In the CLCI we take a brief look at two efforts – Bible Correspondence Course, and Gospel Meetings.

Update on CLCI Bible Correspondence Course ’04
 “This year 25 individuals are taking the course.  As you know there has been a lot of opposition to the public
Gospel proclamation (in India).  We should not be discouraged about the
situation.  Studying the Bible is the most important thing in a person’s life
and we are thrilled and excited to inform you that many have believed in Jesus
by taking this course.  Through this Bible correspondence course,  many of
the non-Christians have been learning more about who they are, where they came
from, why they are here, and where they are going, and finally that Jesus is
their only Savior.  We send the lessons and questions and go through and answer
and correct their answers to these lessons, finally giving them a certificate
of completion.  We are happy to tell you that many Hindu and Muslim friends
are also taking this Bible correspondence course from us…The Holy Spirit has 
been working in them through this ‘invisible way’…The cost is free.  Till
now totally 350 students have taken the course since 1993…” Furthermore,
three students who competed this course have now enrolled in the seminary
training at … India.  Two are Hindu converts and one
is a man of Muslim background.  His Word does its work.   Praise God!

’09 UpdateBible Correspondence Course-CLCI-IndiaSince 1993 416 individuals have completed the Bible Correspondence Course sent through the mail by the CLCI. Anyone is welcome to take this free 12 lesson course. This last June five women and five men came to Nidubrolu to receive their certificates of completion. After that a new ten students enrolled in the course so far. Pastor Jyothi reports, “Through this Bible correspondence course, many of the non-Christians have been learning more about who they are, where they came from, why they are here, and where they are going and finally knowing that Jesus is their only Savior…a free Bible is also given…We are happy to tell you than many Hindu and Muslim friends are also  taking this Bible correspondence course from us. We will not give out any information about them to anyone. Everything will be held strictly confidential. No information provided will be made available to anyone else. These people are silently accepting Christ as their Savior. We are praying that through them someday their entire families could come to Christ. There won’t be any outside pressure for them to take this course. If one person from a family is converted, he could guide the entire family in his own manner…The Holy Spirit has been working in them through this ‘invisible way.’
Now the CLCI correspondence course is also planning to offer Telugu Bible correspondence course through computer online. We will be placing more information about seminary course and free Bible correspondence courses through regular mail and computer online in our CLCI website soon. The CLCI seminary has been designing a special correspondence course to reach and disciple the large prison population in Guntur District. It will be ready soon, God-willing.
’12 UpdateCLCI Bible Correspondence course has been moving very well. Till now totally 446 students have taken this course since 1993.This year 10 correspondence course students have graduated and blessed by receiving their certificates of completions,And so the Gospel goes forward…Jun 18, 2018   ten students completed the Bible correspondence course and another ten have joined. 


At least three of these are held each year.( Names of the places and of the participants are deleted so as not to give information to any authorities or others in India who might cause persecutions. )

l. M…. meetings were held from Apt. 17-19 with speakers…
–Time of Meetings (the same for the three sites)
Morning – 8-9 Prayers, Afternoon – 11-12 lunch, 12-3 Two Messages, 4-5:30
Procession and Special Prayers at houses along the way.  Evening 6-7 Prayers,
7-8 dinner, 8-11:30 1 or 2 Messages, Active Songs, Witnesses and Special Prayer
–Nearly 500 members attended every meeting and received the Word and blessings.
Tracts and pamphlets were distributed.  Bibles were sold at subsidized rates.
Sunday School children performed the songs and gave a play on birth of Jesus.
Some of the Hindu people came and purchased Bibles and song books.  At the
third meeting the Jesus Telegu movie was shown to a huge gathering.
–Highlights  –  An electrican arranged a 20 foot Jesus posture in colored lights
in front of the meetings for nominal charges.  This attracted many villagers.
Five Hindu women and their children received Jesus as Savior.  During the
Procession through Hindu populated areas, many came out and watched.  One
hundred participants were in the Procession.  The meetings also helped to 
strengthen the faith of members.

2. S….. meetings were conducted May 4-6 with speakers…
–At each site tarps, loudspeakers, chairs, tables, generator and other items
are rented for outside presentation.
–Nearly 700 attended these meetings and most of them were tribal people and
Hindus.  Materials were distributed and Bibles sold.
–Highlights – Nearly ten families of Tribals have received Christ.  A special
Procession was made in the tribal areas of the village.  Some said they would
come to church regularly.  An old woman witnessed that her son came to the
meetings and was impressed.  A Hindu woman employee received Jesus and decided
to help the pastor of the church every month with financial support.

3. V…. meetings were held May 20-22 with many of the same speakers…
–Nearly 1000 attended and most were Muslim and Hindus.
–Highlights – Almost all the village was covered by our 500 members in
Procession.  Prayers were offered for people with problems.  Some came to
understand the importance of our doctrine and became interested in the Lutheran
catechism.  Some of the Muslim and Hindu people attending began to help in the
meeting, giving vegetables, rice, milk, etc. for meals.
Pray for the Gospel to continue its triumphant course in hearts in India. “Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus can my heartfelt longing still…”