The Lord Provides

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FROM THE FIELD                                                  October 3, 2013

The Lord Provides

In our country there are a lot of things we take for granted. Our banking system is one of those. It is orderly and of a great benefit for us who are citizens. If one is not a US citizen, especially after 9/11 things were tightened up. For instance some years back Martin Essien wanted to establish a personal account in the USA. In our bank the only way he could was to have a joint account with a US citizen.


When we moved to Nigeria, we had some difficulties in banking at first, because though we had applied for residency, it had not come through yet. If we were legal residents, a bank account could be readily had. But in Nigeria as with so many other places in the third world, it depends on who you know. I was recommended to go to a local branch bank and see the manager. The manager told me outright that he could not give me an account unless I was a resident according to the banking rules. He then turned around and gave us an account as a favor based upon the recommendation of an individual he knew. Thank the Lord.


When we moved our base of operations from Nigeria to India, we faced India’s banking laws. At that time I could not open a regular personal account because I did not qualify according to their regulations. We were not residents, but in the country on tourist visas. I tried anyway going first to Citibank with whom I had a credit card. A lady there gave me an application, but did not think I would be able to open an account. The account is basically a savings account on which checks can be written. Next I went to ICICI Bank. There I was interviewed after filling out the application. If one is a non-resident of Indian extraction you could get an account. When the lady specifically asked me if I had any ancestors of Indian extraction, I honestly told her no, that nearly all my ancestors came from Holstein, Germany.


They granted me the account, by God’s mercy! We have been using it making banking a lot easier than otherwise. So I am classed as an NRI, non-resident Indian. In this case it has to have been the Lord’s work. In human relationships it is often who you know. And I have seen it over and over again, haven’t you, that it is above all Who you know.