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From the Field Nov. 30, ’15

Thailand is a strongly Buddhist country with 93%, while Christians number perhaps 2%. We in the CLC rejoiced that in October of ’92 we found we would be able to do work in Thailand through Mark Bohde.

•Previously an exploratory trip was made to Thailand and a report given to the Mission Board in Aug. ’89.
•In April ’94 an exploratory trip was made also into Laos and China. In June the CLC Convention determined to work in Thailand.
•In ’96 we saw the missionary and family in place in Chiang Mai.
•In ’97 there was a question whether the missionary would be able to return due to visa problems. And so it went with difficulties the devil placed in the way of reaching this country steeped in Buddhism and superstitution.
•By June ’06 the missionary had to return to the USA due to a life-threatening condition. We prayed.
•Exploratory trips were made to prepare for resumption of work there, most recently in January 2013.
•Starting Nov. 6, ’15 studies were held with several Hmong from Thailand. Laos Hmong were not able to come across the border. Although Mark Bohde is doing this independent work outside the CLC, we should still be interested that the truth of the Word is being taught. I have read the syllabus and it is completely biblical.
The devil does not want the Word of God heralded in Thailand where he has such control through Buddhism and superstition. Let us pray that more work can be done there to give depth to the teaching of the Word. At this time as we prepare to celebrate the Christchild’s birth let us pray that more Thai come to the saving knowledge of our infant king.