Living under the Military

Written by | May, 2014
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From the Field June 1, 2014

When we first moved to Nigeria the military had taken over again and the crooked politicians were on the run with car trunks full of money. With the army coming out of their Dodan barracks yet again, there were expectations of things getting better. Well, it was an experience to live under the military rule and all it entails. General Babangida had declared Saturday to be environmental sanitation day so that all were to clean up their surroundings at least for the morning. As time passed it was clear the generals did not know how true economics works and sought their own ‘command economy’ approach with shortages recurring such as of flour. Smuggling resulted and rumors spread of sawdust being mixed with flour to sell.

The worst of the generals had to be Sani Abacha. A man who came to be hated for among other things his seeing to the disappearance of people who opposed him. One general who saw that this was wrong was Obasanjo. This view brought on imprisonment and a death sentence. One night while the Muslim Sani Abacha enjoyed himself in his palace with pleasure women and surrounded by his guards God took his life. All of Sani’s cruel power and military backing could not prevent the God of justice from carrying out His sentence.

Obasanjo who was facing the death sentence was released. That was not the most important point of his imprisonment though. While confined, he sought a closer walk with God and became a devout Christian. He campaigned for the country’s presidency when civilian rule recommenced and was elected to two constitutionally allowed terms. God rules and accomplishes His purposes.