Liberia – From the Field – April 24, 2017

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The CLC is entering into fellowship with Grace Evangelistic Lutheran Church, Monrovia area of Liberia. Pastor Kwiwalazu in consultation with Pastor Hein has been going through the Bible’s teachings with other interested parties

Pastor Kwiwalazu has reported to CLC Pastor Hein on the work in Liberia.


As we celebrate this resurrection Sunday, I wish that the Lord,
Almighty will continue to increase our faith and bless the work of our
hands. As we preach the message of salvation and hope, it is my
prayer that the GELC and the CLC will be the medium through which
people will get to know the true teaching of the Church of Jesus
Christ in Liberia.
Having gone through the introductory phase of teaching some
Pentecostal evangelists and pastors through ‘My Church and Others’,
please let me update you on the progress so far. As of April 8, 2017,
we have covered several topics up to the Doctrine of Law and Gospel.
I am sure you would love to hear how the class is proceeding. The
class had been going on very fine. Though there are challenges, the
class has never been abandoned or closed due to the lack of attendants.
Since the commencement of the class, we have had classes throughout
sometime with all participants in attendance and some time very few in
Given the current living condition in Liberia, coupled with social
challenges especially as it relates to extended family relationship,
some of our participants are irregular either because of poor health,
death in the family or some form of income generating engagements…

I am thankful to God for the CLC. I am overwhelmed by the
deeper understanding that I am getting when it comes to the Lutheran
Doctrine. This class from my own judgement is making some impact to
our Pentecostal brothers and sister. They are now understanding why
Lutherans behave the way they do. I take my time to explain the issues
that have not been known by them. One of the topics that I really
enjoyed explaining was the Doctrine of Sanctification and Good Works.
The Pentecostal guys boast of too much good works and help-declared
holiness. This is my own assessment of how things are going…

On the issue of the reaction of the members of the GELC on the
recommendation of the Board of Doctrine of the CLC: When I received your email, I
gave my phone to one of the Evangelists to read the message aloud.
Upon hearing the reading, the church members were and are still
thankful to God for the first initial stage of the process. As far as
the entire congregation is concerned we have made our decision to be
in fellowship with the CLC. Our prayer is to hear from the CLC.
Everyone is waiting to hear by the first Sunday of May 2017 what the
CLC has to say. Every message sent to me both through email and
Facebook that has to do with the establishment of the fellowship is
always read in the church. They are aware of all the pending meetings.
We are expecting your response in its fullness.”