From the Field – Outreach in Thailand on the Laos Border – March 22, 2017

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Before you read excerpts of a report below ponder and pray on these things.
•In Laos with a population of 6.9 million there are perhaps 150,000 Christians. The government is against Christianity and yet there is growth of the church there. The government is still Communist.
•In Vietnam 1% of the people are Protestant and 7% are Roman Catholic. So even though there are more Christians there the church of the Roman antichrist is very prevalent there among the number of Christians. They have a whopping population of 91.7 million. The government is still Communist.
•In Thailand out of a population of 67.9 million only 1.2% are Christian. The land is in the thrall of Buddhism.

Here are some excerpts from Mark Bohde’s most recent report on his independent work in Thailand.

” I recently returned from two weeks in Thailand. From February 5 – February 10, I devoted my time to training pastors and leaders primarily from Laos. Others wanted to come again but I restrict the conferences to new attendees, because there are so many requests coupled with the cost of housing and food. Since they had not studied it yet, we studied the book on God’s Word… The camp we studied at was about 30 kilometers from the Lao border in Nan Province, Thailand. It was so much nicer than I anticipated. The Lord blessed His Word abundantly. The students (even though they are pastors and teachers) have very little knowledge of God’s Word. What knowledge they have is often in error. I praise the Lord for this opportunity. My goal is to build them in God’s clear Word. Because of that I will probably write and teach them about Justification. It appears that this central subject of Christianity is not clear to them. I have also been asked to do this. Please pray for me.

I was surprised when an American missionary and his son asked to attend. They had heard about the conference. I welcomed them. The following is what, Pastor…, wrote to me in an email about the conference:

“ Mark I am really enjoying being a part of your study. Your heart is clearly set on making God and His truths known and real. Thanks for letting me set in….”

One couple was absent from the photos. Rev. Jakrapong and his wife had to leave a little early because their son developed a high fever.

I am also working on a couple other projects. We looked for land for a demonstration farm to teach the people better farming methods. The Lao don’t know how to grow vegetables. They come to a border market and buy them from the Thai. I am also working on locating a coffee buyer for Karen Christians (I worked with them years ago). In addition, I am trying to find used laptops for the pastors in Vietnam. Please pray.

I plan, God willing, to go back to Asia in May. I will be teaching two groups on the Thai/Lao border. I will also go to Vietnam to teach three groups there. I will send a map before I go so you can see where I will be located.”

Pastor Montree is independent and the translator for Bohde and helps in getting things ready for the venues. He wrote recently to Bohde,

“…Thank you God for giving you a wisdom to write a book for the Hmong in South East Asia. I will organize 2 groups in Thailand and contact the men in Vietnam to collect one group in Hanoi one group in Sapa and then one group in Daklak and let them check about the vehicle or traveling expense and I will inform you soon…”