From the Field – Vorwaerts! – September 11, 2019

In the USA we are commemorating our suffering and sacrifices in the disastrous attacks of 2001 when 2996 were killed and over 6000 injured. Our country did not go backwards but forward from that disaster. The terrorist attacks are an indication of how wicked this world is and how in need it is of God’s Read More

From the Field – Theological Training of Pastors – August 9, 2019

In the CLC one of our chief goals in working in other countries is to train and help in training pastors. We have consistently worked with our sister churches in this area. Below you have a rundown on the progress in establishing and maintaining seminaries and Bible institutes for this formal training.Nigeria – The Lutheran Bible Read More

From the Field – Bible Translations and Bible Studies – July 23, 2019

Just as at Pentecost we want all to hear in their own native languages of the wonderful work of God. On our website we have a large amount of material in English. Beyond that we have material in twenty languages: Burmese, Chin, Chinese, Hmong, Efik, French, German, Hindi, Kisii, Korean, Mandarin, Nepali, Oriya, Russian, Read More

From the Field – India and Persecution – June 28, 2019

The following is a recent report on India from the “Voice of the Martyrs”Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is leading a push to make India a purely Hindu nation, just won a second term. Under his first five-year term, Christians experienced an increase in persecution. More believers… were arrested on false charges of “forced Read More

From the Field – Great News on SE Asia – May 31, 2019

At the CLC Convention in 2018 the resolution was passed to allow the Mission Board to call a third full-time foreign missionary. The way in which this would be funded was worked out. The CLC Mission Board has been working toward this goal. We know how much the Gospel is needed in this sinful world. Read More

Happy Easter from the field – 2019

Jesus’ Resurrection Unless we read over all four accounts carefully we can get confused as to what and when things happened in connection with our Lord rising again and the events of Easter morning.                How many women went to the tomb? a) Mt. says Mary Magdalene and the other Mary 28:l. b) Mk. says Mary M., Mary the mother Read More

From the Field – March 17, 2019 – Southeast Asia – Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

​Southeast AsiaWhen we look at where Mark Bohde is working we see a dire need of the Word of Life. He was gone for two months returning yesterday. You can contact him for his reports on the work of reaching out atcomabo [at] consolidated [dot] net  Here is cause to celebrate on St. Patrick’s day. Read More

From the Field – Church of the Lutheran Confession of India – Feb. 17, 2018

Our  India missionary’s visa was revoked. The RSS and other Hindu organizations promote India only for the Hindus(Hindutva). We still see how the work will go forward. In the CLCI we take a brief look at two efforts – Bible Correspondence Course, and Gospel Meetings. Update on CLCI Bible Correspondence Course ’04 “This year 25 individuals Read More

From the Field – Berea Evangelical Lutheran Church – Feb. 11, 2019

In the ‘Fact Sheets’ on foreign missions handed out at the 2018 CLC Convention the BELC(India) had 716 pastors serving 442 congregations and 1284 preaching stations. We regret that our missionary’s visa was revoked recently. The Lord is still in charge. The work for the Lord goes on.  In looking back at our brethren in Read More

From the Field – Outreach from China – Feb. 4, 2019

Update on ‘Back to Jerusalem’ movementToday there exists an organization of Christians to help the Chinese Christians to evangelize. It is not just to go back to Jerusalem, but to move from the East westward through the areas dominated especially by Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu countries. From their website here is a quote. “Many mistake the Read More