The CLC is entering into fellowship with Grace Evangelistic Lutheran Church, Monrovia area of Liberia. Pastor Kwiwalazu in consultation with Pastor Hein has been going through the Bible\'s teachings with other interested parties Pastor Kwiwalazu has reported to CLC Pastor Hein on the work in Liberia. \"... As we celebrate this . . . read more
In the CLC we generally look at overseas outreach as in the job description of the Mission Board. Budgets also are involved in this line of approach. There is other thinking on overseas outreach that has been practiced by Christian churches over the years. For instance instead of a mission board being in charge of budgeting, some Christian . . . read more
Before you read excerpts of a report below ponder and pray on these things. •In Laos with a population of 6.9 million there are perhaps 150,000 Christians. The government is against Christianity and yet there is growth of the church there. The government is still Communist. •In Vietnam 1% of the people are Protestant and 7% are Roman . . . read more
What a delight to read and see of the graduation lead by Pastors Kossi and Ohlmann in Lome, Togo and know these graduates will also be workers together with God! And what a further delight to learn that the CLC Bd. of Doctrine has recommended to the CLC President that fellowship be recognized with Grace Evangelistic Lutheran Church and . . . read more
Working with our brethren in the Nigerian Church of the Lutheran Confession we attempted to have a mission in northern Nigeria. When we lived in Nigeria the NCLC sent a missionary up to the North. But it was not easy for him. He knew Hausa, which was the language of the dominant tribe. He had worked for a company there and was familiar . . . read more
From a recent \'Spectator\' out of England by Douglas Murray \"Every week, there are more massacres, but nobody seems to mind — not even their own government Another day in northern Nigeria, another Christian village reeling from an attack by the Muslim Fulani herdsmen who used to be their neighbours — and who are now . . . read more
This is from Mark Bohde. ... Please pray for me and the Lord’s work and the students in Asia. I will be leaving the USA on January 31 for Thailand and return on February 15. I am making this trip primarily for the Laotians who will attend, although Thai have asked if they can attend again. We will be traveling to a remote town on the . . . read more
This comes from Mark Bohde who is doing independent work in Vietnam. \"God blessed His Word abundantly in every place we taught. Ho Chi Minh City was no different. As you can see from the enclosed list, we had mostly pastors with a couple of women leaders. Almost all of them came from Dak Lak Province. We will try to go there . . . read more
I am forwarding this report to you verbatim which Mark Bohde sent out, that you can begin this year with Good News. Let us thank and praise God that this work is going forward. The story told by a local pastor at the end of this report about demon possession and superstition shows the great need of our Lord in this stronghold of the devil. . . . read more
As we draw near to our Christmas celebration of His coming as our Redeemer, we should not lose sight of how important it is to reach out beyond to areas where the Good News of our Savior is not so well-known. Part of a report from Mark Bohde, who is doing independent work in Thailand and Vietnam is below. In the next two emails after Christmas . . . read more