From the Field Dec. 13, 2016 Hmong Outreach in Thailand and Laos

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As we draw near to our Christmas celebration of His coming as our Redeemer, we should not lose sight of how important it is to reach out beyond to areas where the Good News of our Savior is not so well-known. Part of a report from Mark Bohde, who is doing independent work in Thailand and Vietnam is below. In the next two emails after Christmas the balance of his report will be sent. If you would like more information, you can contact him. Praise God for reaching out.

“Dear Mission Supporters,

I am sending this report to all of you who have indicated an interest … I have attached a photo of the participants and a copy of the teaching material used. I have also attached several stories related to us by one couple, Ai and Lao.

The Lord has blessed abundantly. We had men and women leaders from both Thailand and Laos. The women said that they never get a chance to study. Usually, only the men get the opportunity. While they know that Scripture forbids women from teaching or having authority over men, they are anxious to both grow in faith and to teach other women. I am thankful for this opportunity as the goal of my work is that both men and women grow in the knowledge of and faith in God’s Word. The excitement about learning God’s Word was palpable. At the end of our instruction, the Laotian students (pastors and leaders) begged us (the translator and myself) to return very soon. I told them I would try to come 2 or 3 times a year. One woman stood up crying. She begged us to come more often. They asked me to return at New Years. They have been praying that God would send someone to train and help them. All participants agreed to return to their homes and teach others the materials they learned. I intend to return in mid-January, God willing.

I taught this class the contents of the second book I compiled from God’s Word. The first book concerns the nature and character of God’s Word. This second book covers the spiritual battle that believers are engaged in with the powers of darkness. As you can see from the attached stories, they know about this battle. What the book does is to help them understand the battle fully and how to stand strong in Christ.

The Laotians were unable to attend last year because they were stopped at the border. This year they were stopped again by Laotian border guards, but after 24 hours (we were praying for them while we waited in Thailand) they were permitted to come. Since they couldn’t study the first book on God’s Word, I will return in January to permit them to study book #1.

My translator is a pastor named Montree. He is the second man from my right in the photo. He is independent and self supporting. Lao ( the one in the stories) is to my immediate right. My son is in the back row. He wants to be a pastor/missionary so this trip was an internship and training for him.

I am very grateful to the Lord …. As always, if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them.

Blessings in Christ,

Mark Bohde”

The list of Bible training participants at Nan Province Thailand October 30 – 3 November 2016

Hmong Laos

1. Mr. Va-Ya Sae Ya (Vam Yaj Xeem Yaj)Pastor

2. Mrs. Jia (Ntsias Xeem Yaj) (wife of Mr. Va-ya)

3. Mr. Hu-Ti Sae Heer(Huj Tim Xeem Hawj)

4. Mrs. Daw (Dawb Xeem Hawj) (wife of Hu-Ti)

5. Mr. Khai Sae Heer (Khais Xeem Hawj)

6. Mr. Nor-Bi Sae Heer (Nom Npis Xeem Hawj)

Hmong Thailand

7. Lao Sae Lao (Lauv Xeem Lauj)

8. Ai Sae Lao (Aiv Xeem Lauj) (Wife of Mr. Lao)

9. Mr. Chue-Teng Sae Vang ( Tswv Teeb Xeem Vaj)

10. Mrs. Teng Sae Vang(Teem Xeem Vaj) (wife of Mr. Chue-Teng)

11. Mr. Yong-Leng Sae Thao (Zoov Leej Xeem Thoj)

12. Mrs. Yi Sae Thao (wife of Mr. Yong-Leng)

13. Mr. Nor-Tar Sae Xiong (Nom Thaj Xeem Xyooj)

14. Mrs. Yua Sae Xiong (wife of Mr. Nom-Tar)

15. Mr. Jak-kra-pong Sae Lee (Xh. Txooj Pov Xeem Lis)

16. Mrs. Jak-kra-pong Sae Lee (wife of Mr. Jak-kra-pong)

17. Mrs. Pram-yu-da Chaowiwat (Wife of Mr. Mon-tree


18. Mr. Mon-tree Chaowiwat


19. Carlton Bohde

20. Mark Bohde