The National Lutheran Church of Myanmar

Written by | February, 2015
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From the Field February 12, 2015

Based upon extensive visits, discussions and correspondence the CLC Convention in June 2014 declared that fellowship existed between the CLC and the National Lutheran Church of Myanmar which consists of one congregation of 96 souls and five preaching stations served by Pastor Charles Edwards. This is in the Yangon area. Pastor Ohlmann, chairman of the CLC Mission Board, and I had the pleasure of teaching around one hundred people for three days on: Justification, Baptism, Communion, Lenten and Easter studies, What is a Lutheran?, Law and Gospel, and Election. The group was a mixture of the NLCM and other interested parties. Last year’s seminar yielded eleven individuals who went through a study of the catechism and were awarded certificates. Pray that this happens this year again. Growing out of the work of the NLCM Pastor Ohlmann baptized six individuals in the worship service on February first. One young woman had finished the catechism course with the highest grade but had not been baptized yet. She asked to be baptized and received assurance in baptism of the washing regeneration and renewal in the Holy Spirit. This is a very important break through as she is in a family who were Buddhists but are now Christians through Pastor Charles’ teaching. This family lives in a predominantly Buddhist area (in Myanmar which is predominantly Buddhist). The story does not end there. Two men who were Buddhist and friends of this family also attended the seminar and part way through asked if they could be baptized. Based upon the example at Philippi with the jailer and his family because they acknowledged the Lord, these two men were also baptized. They were told to continue in the Word as our Lord taught in John 8:31-32. Pray that where these people live a church might be started with others believing in our Lord through the witness of these new converts. A new preaching station!