The Invisible Hand

Written by | October, 2014
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The Invisible Hand Oct. 16, 2014
In the study of economics I think it was Adam Smith who first coined the term ‘the invisible hand’ which referred to the operation of the market with thousands and thousands of decisions made to buy and sell, in demand and supply. The point is that no government or group of people could possibly make these decisions as the multitude of individuals can, given their own individual situations. It is as if an invisible hand is at work to advance the business of people.

Of course we know that in the spiritual realm there is THE invisible and His hand involves Him in all affairs on this earth and into the next life for us. We celebrate His invisible hand in outreach in the CLC.

What is visible to many of us is the formal work of the CLC Mission Board in the following countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Mexico. But there is more going on with our God at work using us and our sister synods in various places beyond these areas over the years. His invisible hand is at work.

•Uganda – Pastor Jeremiah and the CLCEA has been working with contacts in Uganda for some years now.
•Zimbabwe – Correspondence with the Mission Board by an individual allowed Pastors Ohlmann and Ude to visit there.
•Zambia – In the Lusaka area Pastor Karioki has been working coming from the CLCEA in Tanzania. In the Kitwe area Pastor Yumba from the Congo CLC has been working.
•Kenya – At Moi’s Bridge Pastor Gurath worked to establish a true Lutheran congregation through the CLC congregation in Phoenix, Ariz.
•Peru – The CLC congregation at Mankato, Mn. with Pastor Nolting has been working in Lima through its member, Daniel Pfeiffer. Even though that work is in hiatus, we pray for further work.
•Sudan – Not long ago work started through the Mankato congregation among Sudanese in the newly independent country. At the same time Pastor Panpani from the CLCEA has been traveling up to Juba to work there.
•Thailand – We continue to pray that Pastor Bohde will be able to resume work.
•Liberia – There has been a lot of news on Ebola in this part of Africa. Our Minneapolis congregation has been working with a Liberian, Alvin, to help set up a Christian school there. This is good news. And Pastor Hein has classes with Liberians over the net.
•Sweden – Pastor David Reim has classes with several in Sweden over the net.

We could not possibly as a group plan and carry out what God’s invisible hand does. What a joy to be co-workers with Him! 2 Cor. 6:1 We are but the earthen vessels that carry the treasure to others. The treasure is His to share. He sends us to the recipients. He blesses the reception.