Random Acts of Kindness

Written by | January, 2014
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From the Field                                 May 3, 2013
When we returned for a second term in Nigeria, I decided I would pick two  young men and tell them I would help them throughout their schooling. I  picked Ephraim and Immanuel. I paid expenses but after a while then  thought some school fees were a little high. It turns out that both boys had padded the expenses to give them even more money. When I confronted each of them, they admitted their wrong. In turn I assured them of my  forgiveness, but that the school support would be no more. To say the  least they were disappointed. I reminded them that sin has consequences. Some of Ephraim’s relatives came to beg me to resume my support and  asked “Don’t you forgive him.” I responded that I did forgive him, but  there were consequences. All’s well that ends well though. Both boys  became active in our building out at the new site as well as in  congregational building projects. Despite the earlier difficulties we  had a good relationship.
After being in  India for a while, I decided to pick two girls and give them cake on  their birthday as well as gifts. This is something their parents were  not able to do. For several years now in May on their birthdays or as  close as possible I give a bag of gifts to each. They are Esther(14),  Pastor D. Paul’s daughter and Joyce (10), Pastor Daniel Raj’s daughter.