Persecution Hindu style with the CLCIndia- From the Field – Nov. 23, 2017

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This is a report from Pastor Jyothi Benjamin of the CLCI. It is cause for prayer as we remember that the gates of hell cannot stand against the advance of His gracious rule.

How has persecution been in the congregations of the CLCI?

CLCI Evangelist Murdered: In the year 2011, one of our

CLCI evangelists was murdered brutally at Yeddumailaram. We

went to police about this but we were put down. We couldn’t

do anything about it.

Attacks on our CLCI members of Medak district: Our CLCI

members in the Medak district have been attacked by the

religious extremists in the year 2012.

Attack on our Kakinada area Pastors: Christians continue to

suffer discrimination and threats in Kakinada and its

surrounding villages. Last year, anti Social activists have

attacked two of our CLCI pastors at Sarpavaram on 25th

January, 2014. On that day while two of our CLCI pastors

were passing through along with couple of our CLCI

women members, a group of the anti social activists

suddenly attacked our CLCI pastors with knifes. They

stabbed one of our pastors twice with knives with abusive

words, accusing him of converting and destroying the Hindu

culture. The attackers snatched their hand bags and mobile

phones and left the place. They also misbehaved with our

CLCI women and also talked ill of Christianity and the

Holy Bible. Immediately the other pastor had taken the wounded pastor to the hospital. With God’s grace he

survived from those severe wounds. After that we went to nearby police station and gave a complaint

against them for their attacks and nasty behavior. Police promised to act on the complaint given. But later

they didn’t do anything about it.

Warning Sign Boards and SMS warning messages: Recently

we have started a church in Pothukatla village in Guntur

district. Rev. David visited that church in the month of July

2015. When next Sunday when we went to that village, we

see a sign board that Christians should not enter into the

village without permission from the Village elders. Also we

have received a series of SMS messages with severe warnings

that we should not enter into the village.

CLCI Pastor and his wife were beaten in Khammam district:

Also in Khammam district one of our CLCI Pastors and his

wife have been beaten up by a mob while they were going to

one of their villages to conduct their weekly prayers. The

extremists threatened and beat them that they should stop

the preaching and leave the village within a week’s time.

Damaged Camera: On March 11, during 2014 the extremists threatened

and physically assaulted us while we are conducting Gospel prayer

meetings in Alapadu village at Guntur district. On the first day while I

was preaching in that village, at about 10 p.m, the anti Christian

extremists shouting anti Christian slogans came to the prayer meeting

spot. Two young men came up with knives, scolded us with loud

voices, aggressively opposed, verbally abused and tried very hard to

stop the prayer meeting. One young man damaged our camera and

threatened us and gave a warning that they will surely harm us if we try to do any kind of Christian activities

in that area.

CLCI church was attacked in Kondapoor village at Gatkesar mandalam: In this village we started our CLCI

church one and half years back. Pastor Rathna Shekar (2013 Graduate CLCI Seminary) is serving our

church here in this village. While we are conducting public gospel meeting in that village, Hindu extremists

barged into the prayer meeting accused Pastor Rathna Shekar and our CLCI believers and beat them up with

hands. Police arrived at the spot and took Pastor Rathna Shekhar and 14 of our church believers to the police

station for questioning. However, after the enquiry, all of them were released without a case registered

against them.

CLCI Pastor Jacob and three of our members Beaten Up and Chased Out from Avakooru village:

Pastor Jacob our CLCI pastor in Krishna District reported that on 22 September 2014 in Avakooru village,

Hindu extremists beat him and three of our church members while they were trying to start a preaching station

in that village. The extremists’ mob accused them of forceful conversion, started to beat them up, and chased

them out from the Avakooru village. Our Pastor tried to submit a police complaint against those extremists

but the police did not register a case against the attackers.

CLCI Pastor Naidu and his son Dilip arrested in Pallegudem at Khammam Dt: Our CLCI Pastor Naidu and

his son Dilip were arrested on Sunday 24th May 2015 after the

Hindu extremists stopped the Sunday worship meeting and

accused the believers of forceful conversion in Pallegudem

village. Our CLCI Pastor reported that the extremists

accompanied by the police and media personnel barged into

the Sunday worship meeting at Pallegudem village at about 10

a.m. and disrupted the Sunday worship service. The extremists

accused Pastor Naidu and the believers of forceful conversion.

Thereafter, the police asked our CLCI believers how much

money they received to convert into Christianity. All our church

members responded that they come to the church by their own

accord to pray, that they did not receive any money and that there

was no case of forceful conversion. Then the police thereafter

told the extremists to leave our CLCI members alone. However,

by giving some bribe the extremists maintained the police to

arrest Pastor Naidu and his son Dilip. Under that process, the

police took Pastor Naidu and his son Dilip to the police station, beat them up and registered a case against

them and asked them to submit Rs 50,000/- to procure their bail. On that very next day we went there and

consulted to local MLA who is our friend. Our pastor and son were released on bail on the next evening of

25th May after the intervention of the local MLA. Local daily news papers published this incident.

CLCI campus at Nidubrolu is under severe police observation since 2014: We are under serious observation

of police people at Nidubrolu. Last year, we were severely harassed by the Police and our CLCI campus was

under police observation from September to November 2014.

Like this many examples are there in the CLCI. In many villages, Hindu landlords forcibly put down our

CLCI churches. They have organized their own armies. If any Christian group rises up to assert their rights,

these armies attack away from government scrutiny or police intervention. The government does nothing to

protect Christians. because they are controlled by these same Hindu landlords. In some areas, we have been

shifting the places of worship into other places.