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From the Field August 24, ’15

While our sister church in Etago, Kenya has seven congregations with over 500 members, that is not the total picture.

What follows are my notes as we visited congregations on one trip. Many of these were not in fellowship with us, but gave us the opportunity to teach them what we believe. Although we have faced fraud and thieves in Kenya over the years, it is this being out among the people that is so rewarding – preaching, teaching and giving Bibles and catechisms.
“Notes on Congregation Visitation
Setelite Att. 28 – We gave 40 catechisms. They use rented quarters. This was started by the late Bishop John from Muranga last year with eight in a house.
Giurthurai Att. 18 – They have moved to a smaller hall due to the lower cost. We gave 40 catechisms.
Ngong Att. 17 – Land was donated. We gave out 40 cat. There are maybe 120 in church on a Sunday.
Karega Att. 58 – Pastor Isaac is here of the Muranga fellowship. There were also many friends in church. We gave 30 cat. They have a building and it was full.
Kangari Att. 120 – The land had been donated and they built a 30×80 building. This was the center of the late Bishop John’s work. Pastor Samuel is here now.
Mariira Att. 78 – There were more people than could fit in the building. Land has been given.
Nyahururu Att. 21 – They need Bibles.
Kalawa Att. 37 – This is where Steve worships. They are trying to show them what we teach and encourage them to join with us. We will supply our teachings to them to study.

Samburu Att. 22. This is among the six stations which were started a year and a half ago by the late Bishop John. The others are: Mariakani, Taru, Magongo and two Masai – Merikubwa, Maji ya Chumri. These last two are interesting in that they are “dormant’ while the Masai trail their cattle elsewhere and then return here. ”

We had contacts in Kenya before the start at Etago reported in ‘From the Field’ June 18, 2014. In 1984 there was correspondence with a Mrs. E. Kemunto. In 1985 there was correspondence with Pastor and Mrs. Osaka. On one visitation to Kenya I met with Pastor Maweu who had written us. We found that he was affiliated with a Lutheran church already and was not about to leave them. And then in April of 2000 we hit pay dirt in the tea laden hill country of Kisii. Through correspondence with a group inquiring after us we made preparations for a big meeting. But then there was a burial in the area which cut down on attendance. We met in a cow pasture on the side of a hill. My wife and I were pleased to be able to be there and meet with the 125 people present. The presentation covered a wide range of topics and questions. A letter of formal request was sent to the CLC and the work in Kenya began. Now Pastor Mike Gurath visits Kenya each year. Besides the previous areas of work, beginning in 2009 work began at Moi’s Bridge with Pastor Gurath.