No Angel-free Zone

Written by | January, 2014
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FROM THE FIELD                                                                 August 19, 2013



One morning upon leaving the hotel in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo I got into a van with Pastor Muzakuza and several of his pastors heading for the airport to set off for Nairobi. As we proceeded along the highway to the airport we noticed a lot of junk and rocks on the road. Our driver simply drove on the shoulder and on we went. Noticing a lot of lorries just parked along the road there sure was not much traffic. Things were getting a little strange. But our driver just kept on. We noticed in the distance some smoke billowing up. When we got close we saw that it was a car that was burning. But our driver just kept on going. Hearing gunshots ahead our attention was sharp to find out what was up. Upon passing by a cross street we saw police in riot gear moving down the road. It was then that we found out the university students had rioted that morning trying to block the road and fight the police. Our driver resumed the trip getting us to the airport. Well, that was interesting to say the least.


Once in the plane waiting on the tarmac for take off, the pilot came on the intercom and said we had a choice to make. Due to the student riot the fuel truck had not got to the airport yet for the plane’s refueling. And we did not have enough fuel to get all the way to Nairobi. So our  choices were to wait to see if the fuel truck would show up or to take off for Kitwe and land and refuel there to go on to Nairobi. A very democratic pilot I’d say. But then they got news that the truck was on its way and before long we’d take off. Off course in the air and at our side all along were His servants to serve Him and protect us.