Let us Celebrate the Lutheran Reformation

Written by | October, 2015
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From the Field October 31, ’15
Our Name – We call ourselves in our synod the Church of the Lutheran Confession. Traditionally we say we are the Evangelical Lutheran Church. In my personal name I have a surname and then to further define me I have a first and a middle name. This is how it is with our name. First of all we are ‘evangelical’ that is Gospel preaching. To be evangelical means to herald the Good News of a Savior slain for our sins and visibly raised as proof of forgiveness and all that flows from the cornucopia of God’s blessings. We say we are Lutheran not because we follow Martin Luther, but to simply further define us as those who hold to the teachings of God’s Word that he did that God returned to His people through the Lutheran Reformation. We further define ourselves among Lutherans by the name CLC. We did not choose to be called ‘Lutherans’ originally. We were called at first at the Reformation the evangelical party. There were many other men who were leaders in the Lutheran Reformation also like the pastors and theologians Bugenhagen, Amsdorf, Jonas and others. There were men in government and the military who stood up for the truth of God’s Word like Duke Frederick the Wise, Franz von Sickingen, Ulrich von Hutten and others. And there were the vast numbers of ordinary people who were refreshed by the Gospel winds that blew away the mist and darkness that obscured the truth of God for us.

Our Purpose – We have no other higher purpose in life than to glorify God by our words and actions. Whether it is a housewife doing her normal daily duties, a workman at his job, a child studying in school or a pastor preaching, we seek to give glory to God and show forth our simple Christian faith that others might join our happy throng in praise of our gracious God and Lord.

Our Teachings – We dress differently than 500 years ago. Our spoken language is different. Earthly customs have changed. Our belief and teaching have not varied from what the Lutherans had back then. This is because God’s Word is our great heritage and it does not change. The Luther seal is colorful and symbolic and points us from our sinfulness(black) to His sacrifice for sin(blood red). The seal reminds us of the purity and righteousness we have(white) stored for us in heaven(blue). It is a treasure(gold) that we anticipate possessing when we see Him. Our God(three rings) is the Triune God and He is above all gods of men who think up such tragic facsimiles. In eternity the plan was made by our Lord to save us through the sending of the Son(messianic rose) in the fullness of the time.

Our Future – All things will continue to work together for good since we are His and He is ours. Our life is a continuum with here the abundant life and there the superabundant.

Our Work – Each of us whether man, woman or child have been commissioned by our Lord to proclaim the marvelous deeds of Him who called us out of darkness into His wonderful light. Let us continue to celebrate by doing this work. Jesus lead Thou on!