Learning Lessons in Ponneri Dist. Visitation (BELC)

Written by | July, 2015
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From the Field July 30, ’15

Thangavel is a pastor in the BELC and a grade school teacher. For the new Ponneri District of fifteen men he has given over his upstairs as a monthly meeting place for the men. This is the kind of generosity we want in the church.

Lesson – Do good unto all men and especially to those of the household of faith.

Out visiting the new men in their homes one thing struck me was that there were three younger men preaching.

•Rajan is 23 and the son of another BELC pastor, John. Rajan serves a new station of 24 souls. He had 15 in VBS this summer.

•Partheeban is 24 and serves 80 souls in a village of 750.

•Ajanthan is 20 and in the large city of Minjur serves 180 souls! I think I got the figures right. His VBS had 70 children.

Lesson – As Paul wrote to Timothy, let no one despise your youth.

Samuel came out of the Church of South India in Perattur with about 20 people. One who came out with him was Victor, a brother of District Chairman Sampath. Victor is also the father of another of our pastors, Michael Alexander.
Lesson – Work along family lines, like Andrew telling his brother Peter of the Christ.

Anbu in Tamil means ‘love’ and that is just what Pastor Anbu is busy about, telling the love of Jesus to the people.
•At Thiruninravur where he lives and preaches they had a VBS of 50. Just a year and a half ago they completed their church building in this large city.
•At Sembedu (18 k. away)where he preaches they had a VBS of 75 with membership just under 50.
•At Karuvappukundu(20 k. away) they had a VBS of 30 from which grew the congregation of 15 believers.
Lesson – Only one life ‘twil soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.

Pastor Bhasker was with the Tamil Ev. Luth. Ch., but left them over women’s ordination among other things. He learned about the BELC when he attended a function held by Chairman Sampath. He saw that Sampath was an upright man and inquired.
Lesson – Let your light so shine before men.

Pastor Vanjee is a tailor. We picked him up at his shop taking him to his home to visit. He has been preaching for seven years and serves 65 souls. He learned of the BELC from Thangavel. In turn Vanjee told Idhaya Raj who joined the studies also. Idhaya Raj is busy going through studies to complete his MA.
Lesson – ‘Tentmaking’ like Paul, Priscilla and Aquila did is an example for our pastors who must earn a living beyond congregational offerings.

And there is more but let this suffice to allow you to praise God.