June 18, 2000 – Etago, Kenya – Fourteen Years Later

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From the Field June 18, 2014

“June 18, 2000
The first service was held by the new congregation of 32 adults and 24 children. They set up a board of elders and a pastor, Samson, who had been 7th Day Adventist…”
So reads the history of our beginning work in Etago, Kenya.

Some had been looking for a new church in their area of Etago, Kisii to replace the churches they were in, namely the Roman Catholic and the 7th Day Adventist. Inquiries were made among tourists from America who travelled nearby through the Great Rift Valley. A non-CLC friend from Michigan, upon being asked, recommended they investigate the CLC. Correspondence was carried on, a visit came about, our teachings were explained. My wife and I were overjoyed to go to an open meeting on a hillside where I explained and took questions. Consequently, came the June 18th beginning. The Word of God is living and active. Luke reminds us over and over in Acts that it is the Word of the Lord that increases, grows and multipies, and prevails mightily. Acts 6:7, 12:24, 19:20

This is not to say that there is not opposition and problems to be met and overcome in Him. Samson was removed from office for not holding to the high standards of the ministry. The original Ombasa group who invited us are mostly not with us any more. We wrestle against principalities and powers of darkness, against spiritual hosts of wickedness.

The present faithful head of the church, Pastor Enosh, leads seven congregations with around 500 members. Pastor Fred is teaching twelve men at Chotororo. An Aids Orphan School begun in Nov. ’03 with 80 children has grown by leaps and bounds. The most recent report from our Kinship Committee reported 10 teachers and 223 children. For all of this we praise our Lord and thank Him that He has given us the opportunity to work with our Kenyan brothers and sisters.

On June 18, 2014 the CLC will be in Convention praising God for His grace to us and praying to Him that He might lead us onward to more such opportunities. I invite your prayers on that day for His continued grace and guidance to the CLC Convention.