Godwin and Sunday – the narrow and hard, the wide and easy

Written by | November, 2014
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From the Field Nov. 14, 2014

In our Nigerian Church of the Lutheran Confession Pastor E. E. Essien was the head pastor. Though he had a large family (13)that did not keep him from taking in children of other relatives who were in need. This is the practice of considering the family beyond the nuclear to the extended. When the father of Godwin and Sunday died, the mother found it hard to take care of her two boys. She asked Pastor to help her. He did basically raising the two boys with his children. As time passed the two boys took different directions in their lives. Godwin continued to live at the compound with the Essiens. When we started the Bible Institute to train pastors, Godwin was in the first class to enroll for the five year course. He also completed it.

But as for Sunday he left to sow his wild oats. He was not heard from much or at all for some years. Godwin chose the narrow gate and the hard way, while Sunday traveled through the wide gate and the easy way. One day we heard that Sunday had returned to the compound, but he did not look too good. He could not walk around too well and he was a comparatively young man. After a while he became bed-ridden. He basically had come home to die. Over there you did not know very often what the disease was and autopsies were not likely to be performed. To hazard a guess it was HIV/Aids that had taken him down. While bedridden and getting weaker of course he was visited by our Christian people. Godwin especially spoke to his brother about the Lord, repentance and heaven. Happily Sunday acknowledged his wrong way of life and looked to Jesus for forgiveness.

When Sunday died, he was buried in the earth at the compound. They have a different custom there. The grave had been dug and we gathered at it putting Sunday’s body in it to await the resurrection. Then as the men shoveled the dirt in they all sang hymns until the grave was completely filled. I think that is a good custom that as the dirt falls, hymns of praise go to God.

With Sunday it was a lesson that it is never too late to repent and look to Jesus.