German Free Conference and Outreach

Written by | September, 2015
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From the Field September 20, ’15

Last year at the end of August the CLC sponsored a free conference in Grebenhain, Germany. This year we did the same. A free conference does not have fellowship practiced since those coming do not necessarily agree on Scripture. A free conference does seek to have agreement as different essays are heard and discussed over Scripture. The freedom to express oneself is not limited by doctrinal purity, as we want free expression so that the truth may rise to the top over mistaken ideas and notions. This year there were two Frenchmen, three Americans and seven Germans who participated. The discussions were in depth and I think some ground was gained on understanding. We had: two essays on the antichrist, one each on fellowship, the position of women in the church and five paragraphs from the Brief Statement as well as a discussion on outreach. My essay on Walther’s ‘Theses on Open Questions’ could not be given due to time. We ended the meetings with a brief service with Pastor Blanchard and DavidWeiss each preaching, both of whom are in fellowship with the CLC.

The three man CLC committee(Weiss, Reim, Koenig) for the free conference also made extensive visits in Germany and attempted visits to contacts, needless to say who were Lutheran of one type or another. In face to face discussions over various teachings we exchanged views and sought the truth. Another thing we sought to find out from people was what is being done in Germany on outreach. It was definitely our purpose in this area to observe and learn. There are yet eight visits yet to be made by David Weiss. We pray for contacts, outreach and agreement.

In 2017 the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation will be celebrated. What better way to celebrate than to teach what was restored to God’s church through His work in the Reformation. So much that was submerged by the great antichrist was brought to light again. We still today teach as they taught in the Reformation. It was God’s hand that gave back the teaching of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus as revealed in the Word. God preserve to us in this latter day those greatest of truths and all others that flow from the wellspring of God’s Word.