From the Field – Christ or Allah – Dec. 9, 2018

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As we approach the celebration of the birth of our Savior, the Son of God, take note of the differences between Islam and Christianity. Pray for Muslims you know and even witness to them at this holy time of the year. 

  • In John 3:16, which might be the best-known Bible passage, Jesus is called the only-begotten Son of God. But the Koran in 112:1-4 says God has no son. God Himself gave Himself to save us. There is no greater love than this. 
  • While the Koran in 19:19-21 admits that Jesus was born of a virgin, it denies that Jesus is the son of God but only a prophet 18:4-5. We celebrate the prophecy and fulfillment in Is. 9:6 and Mt. 3:17. Jesus is God with us, our Immanuel. What joy to have Him with us wherever we are, our best Friend.
  • The Koran teaches ‘abrogation’ that one passage supercedes, replaces, substitutes for, etc. another. Koran 16:101, 2:106. When we view Is. 9:6 it is fulfilled in New Testament times and explained in Mt. 3:17. The Bible is the Word of God that does not change and continues. 1 Pet. 1:25 the Word of the Lord abides forever. Just imagine the great comfort we get from the Word that does not change and remains. 
  • In 19:33 the Koran seems to say Jesus died and will rise again. But by abrogation it says emphatically in 4:157-158 that Jesus did not die. As we approach the manger scene this Christmas, we do not lose sight that He came to bear the punishment for our sins that allows us to enter heaven. In Hebrews 10:10 it is clearly stated that He died once for all. Heaven from which Jesus came is my eternal home to which I am going due to His sacrificial death that cancels out my sin. 
  • And what about the assurance of heaven? In the Koran 11:14 it is a matter of the good things that man does removing the evil that man does. The Koran clearly states that good deeds are needed for one to enter heaven 4:57. Remember the dying thief on the cross next to our Lord who could do no good deeds and yet was told, Today you shall be with me in paradise. By grace are you saved through faith…Eph. 2:8-10

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