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Written by | October, 2015
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From the Field Oct. 2, ’15

As I entered and left Nigeria it was a simple matter to stop in Lome, Togo or Accra, Ghana to have studies with interested persons. Gideon Abussah began a study with me on our Lutheran teachings. As we studied he became convinced from the Word of God, for instance that children are sinful and in need of baptism from Ps. 51. On April 3, 2002 I was pleased to baptize his baby son, Samuel, and another member’s 16 month old child, Godwin.
His home village was Atidzive and he tried to do outreach there with three people in a Bible study. Gideon lived at Denu, Ghana right on the border of Togo. He did work in this village holding services on a back veranda of his house, but not many were gathered as he was the only pastor there who was not charismatic. At one point he got the opportunity to teach religion unfettered in a small international school, though after a while the headmaster chose to replace him with a charismatic.
In April of 2005 he began working on outreach and holding a driver’s job in the commercial center of Tema, not far from the capital Accra. Though there have been contacts and even some young men who were interested in studying the Word in depth, the work has been hard. Now in Accra he has a very challenging time attempting to get a congregation started. At this time he serves ten people. Missionary Ude visits to encourage each year and Pastor Gideon meets with our pastors in Nigeria and Togo each year. Pray to God that He sustains Pastor Gideon’s faith and builds up his zeal to continue to reach out with the Word of life.