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From the Field                                   Dec. 10, 2013

Christmas Notes – My wife Mary kept a diary during our time in Nigeria. Here are for the first four Christmases in which the Lord provided.

“Dec. 24th, 1986 A.B. Essien sent over a live chicken and some eggs. I made the chicken for our Christmas dinner the next day–very yummy. Karl had 3 helpings.
Dec. 24, 1987 Mr. Umoh brought us a huge frozen fish, a box of groceries and a huge bag of rice, 3 loaves of bread and 2 bottles of wine. Pastor Essien gave us a crate of pop.
That night Dave shaved off his beard.
1988 -Dec. 21st – At noon we took a crate of pop, crackers, peanuts and candy to the Bible Institute for the students’ Christmas meal. We gave each one 10 Naira and to different ones Dave’s old shirts, books and 3 more Naira for a meal. They finished their tests this PM. Dec. 23rd – Mr. Ukpa drove us to Uyo to shop as the van is still being repaired. After repeated promises, now they say it will be done next Saturday. At the post office we got quite a few cards and letters and a box of books from Krause’s in Fond du Lac. Dec. 24th – When Mike and Martin Essien visited their father, they stopped over to see us also. Tonight we had devotion, sang Christmas songs, had wine and cookies, as well as opening our gifts.
Salary check was late for Christmas ‘89, down to a few dollars before Christmas. Finally gave a personal check to the banker on Dec. 21st for $300.00. Dec. 23rd the banker came to our house and gave us the exchange of Naira. A banker making house calls! After that we drove to Uyo and bought a few gifts for us, and groceries.