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Written by | June, 2015
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Pastor M.Jesuraj, 45 years old, is serving 112 believers in the BELC Tiruvallure District in Tiruvallure city.His wife’s name is Shanthi, 42 years old, and they have two children. This all would seem rather normal except he and his wife both are fully blind. Both they and some of his church believers read the Bible by the braille method. He had started his ministry service and for nearly 8 years he serving under our BELC.

He has been doing Gospel and blind ministry and most of his believers are blind .

He has been doing some self help work like re- caning of chairs. Doing small business training they produce some small household things.

It is wonderful to see our brother at the monthly studies learning by ear what is taught.

It is hard to keep track of where Pastor John Wesley is preaching. A new BELC District has started in Puttur town using his partially completed church building for the meetings at Bavaninagar. He has 40 adults and 30 children in this congregation. In past reports a VBS had ten Hindu children among the forty who came. The VBS he had at Kannigapuram had ten Hindu children among the sixty some there. And at Kattuvoddallu VBS of the 25 children who attended of those ten were Hindu. He is consistent and so is God in His grace and mercy allowing these children to hear of the wonderful work of God. With the 29 other new pastors in this district John can help give good direction to outreach.

I was so glad to see Babu Victor’s happy face at the combined Koppedu/Uthukottai meeting. Among 64 who were there I saw that face right away. At Sathyavedu he serves 30 souls; at Vannlure nearly 40; and at Rasapalaym where there is no other Christian church in the village of 800 he serves 55 and has for over twenty years.

While not all men have the same gifts and abilities, and some men become lazy and need God’s prodding, these men are fine examples of how it should be in the public ministry. They look forward to the Chief Shepherd’s “Come oh blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”