Assessment – Feb. 17,’11 – Feb. 17, ’15

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Assessment – Feb. 17,’11-Feb. 17,’15‏
From the Field Feb. 17, ’15

As a member of my Lutheran synod(CLC) I like to look back to see what God has done in the our foreign fields. The first one was dated Feb. 17, ’99 to Feb. 17, ’03. There is also the point of learning from the past, both its positives as well as its mistakes, problems and difficulties to better operate in the future work. I have been making four year assessments for a while and this is the most recent.

Declared Fellowship
We have new fellowship relationships in Mexico with the ILCM and in Myanmar with the NLCM

We see:
•Ibrahim in Zambia
•Atawa in Zimbabwe
•Olvera in Mexico
•Raju finishing his ILC courses to return to Nepal
•In Nigeria Essien and Udo went to be with the Lord.

This committee’s work has expanded and is now under the expanded guidelines. Orphans in Nepal were accepted. More orphan work is being considered in Myanmar, where Pastor Kham’s orphans have been accepted already. In India new orphan work is being considered in the BELC.

Mission Helpers
This program under Pastor Ohlmann continues with 11-16 volunteers in: ’11 to Nepal, ’12 to East Africa, ’13 to India, ’14 to Nepal. This is the present rotation.

Expansion in India
Work in the BELC saw the following extensive expansion:
•174 preachers completing their two year studies with the district chairmen,
•Bangalore work beginning with around 40 men,
•Seminars in Odisha State with literally hundreds attending,
•Contact with Pastor Hans in Odisha being built up.

Congo Reconciliation
With Pastors Ohlmann and Ude working with Pastors Muzakuza and Yumba a working reconciliation was achieved under God’s guidance.

•Himo seminary was closed.
•Several districts and their studies in East Africa ceased to receive subsidy.

We renewed contact with Pastor Blanchard in France who agrees with us. Visits to him were made in ’13 and ’14.

We continued adding translated materials to our website for all to use. The new materials were in: Burmese, German, Spanish, Oriya, Chin.

Building and Land Assistance
•In Nepal money is donated to use for a multipurpose building.
•Land was purchased in Kalay, Myanmar for a site upon which to build housing and church.
•In Nagalapuram, India a building was purchased and is to be improved to use as the training center for MLBS.
•Various roofing help was given to overseas congregations.

No Go
So far we don’t see any forward movement in: South Sudan, Pakistan, Haiti, Argentina, Peru, Rwanda. We wait on the Lord

Contacts were made in ’13 and a Free Conf. was held in ’14 among conservative Lutherans. One contact is now in fellowship with us and we pray will go to our seminary – D. Weiss.