As Far As the Eye Can See

Written by | January, 2014
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FROM THE FIELD                                              April 22, 2013

As Far as the Eye Can See When living in the village of Efa Anyam, Nigeria, as we’d look out our window or go out on the road what we’d see is palm trees as far as the eye could see. God abundantly blessed that part of Nigeria with the tree which produces a large cluster of reddish palm fruit that is harvested and used for cooking among other things.  It is a very important cash crop for the people. Hidden among all those towering palm trees were thousands of people. In southern Nigeria most of the people were Christian of one persuasion or another.
It is sure a lot different living in the metropolis of Chennai, India. There could be seven million people in its total environs. And most of those people do not believe in Jesus. It is estimated that there could be ten per cent of the population that call Jesus Lord. That leaves an awful lot of work to do. In our BELC Chennai District we have 38 men serving at least 47 stations where the Gospel is heralded. As Chennai increases in population, we want to increase the work. The big difficulty is the price of land and buildings. We operate more in the villages where things are cheaper. When you look at the four views above taken from the four sides of my apartment’s rooftop you see it is people as far as the eye can see. In the second picture the little hill you see in the distance is where tradition says Thomas the apostle was killed by a Hindu priest. On the last picture beyond what you see would be the Bay of Bengal.